HS 3 General Purpose Mix

HS3 General Purpose Mix

This is a popular and colourful mix, It uses robust and flexible species that adapt well to lots of soil and nutrient conditions . This mix is not soil dependent and will thrive on a range of soil types.

We have concentrated on faster growing  reliable species in this mix, this allows for a hassle free establishment phase.

It is designed to be colourful and simple to establish as well as supporting wildlife.


50kg plus £30.00/kg

All seed mixtures are plus VAT @ 20%

Sow at: 25kg/hectare 14 kg /acre

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Wildflower Species


Wild CarrotDaucus carota1
Lady's BedstrawGalium verum1
Field ScabiousKnautia arvensis0.5
Ox-Eye DaisyLeucanthemum vulgare0.5
Rough HawkbitLeontodon hispidus0.5
Black KnapweedCentauea nigra0.5
SainfoinOnobrychis viciifolia1
Hoary PlantainPlantago media0.5
Meadow ButtercupRanunculus acris1.5
Common SorrelRumex acetosa1
Salad BurnetSanguisorba minor1.5
Common VetchVicia sativa2
Black MedicMedicago lupilina1.5

Grass Species


Crested DogstailCynosurus cristatus12
Chewings FescueFestuca r.ssp comm.35
Creeping Red FescueFestuca rubra ssp rubra25
Smooth Stalked Meadow GrassPoa pratensis15

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