HS5 Cornfield Annuals

Cornfield Annuals  quick to establish and colourful, these native annuals make a great landscape impact  as well as supporting invertebrate species. Sown at a very low rate, the seed is quick to establish  and a  relatively  low cost option  for a  great impact.

This mix can be premixed with our other  constructed mixtures to add colour and interest during the establishment phase of a wildflower grassland.


50kg plus £19.50/kg

All seed mixtures are plus VAT @ 20%

Sow at: 20kg/hectare 7.4kg /acre

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Wildflower Species


CorncockleAgrostemma githago42
CornflowerCentaurea cyanus9
Corn MarigoldChrysanthemum segatum22
Common PoppyPapaver rhoeas14
Scentless MayweedTripleurospermum inodorum13