HS5 Cornfield Annuals

HS5 Cornfield Annuals

Cornfield Annuals  quick to establish and colourful, these native annuals make a great landscape impact  as well as supporting invertebrate species. Sown at a very low rate, the seed is quick to establish  and a  relatively  low cost option  for a  great impact. We sell this mixture in smaller packs for garden projects

This mix can be premixed with our other  constructed mixtures to add colour and interest during the establishment phase of a wildflower grassland.

Wildflower Species


CorncockleAgrostemma githago42
CornflowerCentaurea cyanus9
Corn MarigoldChrysanthemum segatum22
Common PoppyPapaver rhoeas14
Scentless MayweedTripleurospermum inodorum13

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