HS2 Heavy Soils

HS2 Wildflower Mix for Heavy Soils

 This mixture is for heavy soils that are naturally fertile, the species are chosen to persist in areas of higher fertility typically  alluvial soils or soils with  high clay content or those that have a history of cultivation. Species used here are better adapted to flower  when in competition with  the grass species which thrive in heavy soils. Yellow rattle, once established, will reduce sward height and maintenance.


50kg plus £33.00/kg

All seed mixtures are plus VAT @ 20%

Sow at: 25kg/hectare 14 kg /acre

Wildflower Mix for Heavy Soils HS2
Wildflower Species
Devil's Bit ScabiousSuccisa pratensis 0.25
Greater KnapweedCentaurea scabiosa0.75
Wild CarrotDaucus carota1.5
Lady's BedstrawGalium verum0.75
Hedge BedstrawGalium mollugo0.25
St. John's WortHypericum perforatum1
Cat's EarHypochoeris radicata1
Field ScabiousKnautia arvensis1
Ox-Eye DaisyLeucanthemum vulgare1
Rough HawkbitLeontodon hispidus1.5
Common ToadflaxLinaria vulgaris0.25
Bird's Foot TrefoilLotus corniculatus1
Ragged RobinLychnis flos-cuculi0.25
SainfoinOnobrychis viciifolia1
CowslipPrimula veris1.5
Burnet SaxifragePimpinella saxifraga1.5
SelfhealPrunella vulgaris1.5
Meadow ButtercupRanunculus acris1.5
Bulbous ButtercupRanunculus bulbosus0.25
Yellow RattleRhinanthus minor0.25
Common SorrelRumex acetosa1.5
Salad BurnetSanguisorba minor0.5
BrowntopAgrostis capillaris2
Crested Dog's TailCynosurus cristatus6
Chewings FescueFestuca r. ssp comm30
Slender Red FescueFestuca r. ssp litoralis25
Meadow BarleyHordeum secalinum1
Smooth Stalked Meadow GrassPoa pratensis8
Rough Stalked Meadow GrassPoa trivialis8

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