HS1 Light Calcareous Soils

HS1 Calcareous Soils

This is popular mix that gives reliable results, the poor soils associated with chalk support  a showy and diverse mix of species. A drought tolerant and low maintenance mix.  Second flush flowering is common with several of the species used and the Scabious species give a long season of interest and insect attraction.


50kg plus £35.00/kg

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Sow at: 25kg/hectare 14 kg /acre

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Wildflower Mix for Calcareous Soils HS1%
Wildflower Species
Anthylis vulnerariaLady's Fingers 1.35
Betonica officianalisBetony0.25
Centaurea nigraBlack Knapweed2
Daucus carrotaWild Carrot2
Filipendula vulgarisDropwort1
Galium verumLady's Bedstraw1
Knautia arvensisField Scabious0.5
Lathyrus pratensisMeadow Vetchling0.25
Hippocrepis comususHorse-shoe Vetch0.15
Lotus corniculatusBird's Foot Trefoil0.5
Medicago lupilinaBlack Medic2
Plantago mediaHoary Plantain2
Primula verisCowslip1
Prunella vulgarisSelfheal1
Succisa pratensisDevil's Bit Scabious1
Sanguisorba minorSalad Burnet2
Scabiosa columbariaSmall Scabious 0.5
Trifolium PratenseRed Clover1.5
Grass Species
Agrostis tenuisCommon bent5
Cynosurus cristatusCrested Dog's Tail15
Festuca rubra rubraRed Fescue30
Festuca ovinaSheep’s Fescue20
Poa pratensisSmooth Stalked Meadow Grass10

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