Local Provenance Seed

Harvested Mixtures

We harvest directly from important grassland mainly in the South of the UK. Below is a summary of the mixtures we carry.

These mixtures have a much larger percentage of wildflowers compared to our standard mixtures, the link in each description leads to the shop page with a typical breakdown of the species represented.

They behave in much the same way as a constructed mixture but have all the advantages of a known local provenance.

Tytherington Down

From a scrupulously managed hilltop near Warminster, this is a CG2a grassland with a notable representation of hemi-parasitic species that help establish a short and flower-rich sward.

Salisbury Plain Harvested Mixture

Directly harvested from remnant ancient grassland, the long standing military custody of Salisbury Plain has preserved the best examples of CG3a grassland, notable for native Sainfoin, Sawwort and Clustered Bellflower


MG5a Direct Harvested from an organic farm in the Piddle Valley this mixture carries Soil Association organic status, this is site is a relatively fertile valley bottom tolerates short grazing, noted for Rough Hawkbit and Bird’s Foot Trefoil.

Burial Ground

A very clean and long established grassland on a sheep farm near the border with Somerset. The site is neutral and relatively elevated. Plenty of Sweet Vernal Grass, Yellow Rattle and a rayed form of Black Knapweed.

Spyway Littoral Mixture

Spyway is a limestone plateau overlooking the English Chanel, the site has thin soil that is subject to some salt spray in the winter months, this is an adaptable grassland with a great representation, a notable community of Meadow Barley and two species of flax.