Terms & Conditions




1.All orders must be confirmed in writing and be accompanied  by the appropriate  remittance, or be made on an official order form bearing an order number, account holders will be invoiced upon delivery.


2.All seed is sold Nett weight.


3.Prices include the cost of packing and delivery, but exclusive of VAT.  The current rate of VAT is 20% for Wild Flower Seed and Plants.  Zero rated for Grass seed and 20%  for mixtures containing Wild Flower Seed.


4.All seed is offered subject to availability.

5.All orders will be delivered with a receipt or invoice.


6.Payment is due within 14 days of Invoice date.  If payment is not received on the 30th day, an Interest charge of 2.5% on the amount outstanding will be made.  A charge of 2.5% per MONTH will continue until payment is received subject to VAT if applicable.


7.Goods remain the property of Heritage Seeds until payment is made.


8.We take great care to ensure the seed is of high viability, high purity, true to type and of the correct weight when delivered.   If seed does not meet these standards, please inform us immediately and we will either replace the seed or refund the price paid.


9.It may from time to time be necessary to vary the composition of mixtures from those set out in the catalogue.  Any changes in species composition will be notified at delivery.


10.We can not accept liability for the performance of our seeds or consequential loss, if such performance or loss is due to conditions beyond our control.


11.Some husks, pods or pappus of certain species are impossible  to remove, and in some species may damage seeds to do so.


12.Prices quoted include packaging and postage.  24hr. delivery service at cost can be provided.


13. Orders for Wild Flower Plants especially grown must be  accompanied with a deposit of 25% of the total costs. Delivery of plants will be charged at cost.

if you have any questions please call us on … 01305 834504 or contact us via our contact us page.