Butterfly Mix


Top quality seed directly from our farm  using all British Native Wildflower Seed.

British Native Wildflower Seed small project pack

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30g pack


This kit contains wildflowers and grasses to make a working wildlife  habitat in your garden. Species chosen are food or host plants for our native species of butterfly.

Each 30 gram pack comes with full instructions

Coverage: 30 grams covers 10m2

Butterfly Mix


Birds Foot TrefoilLotus Corniculatus0.50
Rough HawkbitLeontodon Hispidus0.50
Black KnapweedCentauea Nigra0.50
Salad BurnetSanguisorba Minor1.50
Black MedicMedicago Lupilina1.00
Crested DogstailCynosurus Cristatus50.00
Chewings FescueFestuca r.ssp Comm45.00


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