Yellow Rattle Seed 100grams New Season 2023


Freshly Harvested 2023, this hemiparasite will shorten grassland and help pollinators thrive. A brilliant plant in its own right, this plant is a bumble bee pollinator but it also suppresses grass growth so it encourages otherĀ  wildflowers to prosper . Once established a grass area need only be cut once a year. Sow directly in to existing grass. Comes with full instructions Each 100gram pack comes with full instructions Coverage: 100 grams covers 180m2 Store in a fridge in a sealed package before sowing.

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This batch has come from a farm in Somerset, harvested in August and has been kept refrigerated ready for dispatch.

100g will cover 180 square meters in most situations, when sown with other seed on to bare ground the sowing rate can be reduced further and will cover 400 square meters.

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